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Our AMASE student Alicia, who just finished her studies in France and Sweden participated in a summer school in Korea. This is her report:

photo: Alicia Vallejo

My experience in Capstone Design Project KOREATECH 2018

The Capstone Design Project is a very special program that takes place during four weeks of the summer in the Korea University of Technology (KOREATECH).

Last summer, I was participating in representation of the Saarland University  and the rest of students were from China, Thailand, Malaysia, Brazil, Russia and of course Korea. This fact was enriching by itself: we shared our cultures, and learnt to work (and to have fun) together.   

The program was organized around team projects. During the first weeks, we had some theoretical lectures as well as some workshops and visits to the clean rooms. We had also the chance of manufacturing our own small Solar Cell and of connecting several Solar Cells together in order to fabricate some devices, such as a small solar fan or a solar phone charger.

Later on we started to work on the crown jewel of the program: The mini solar car competition. As always working in teams, we learnt to use the SOLIDWORKS software of and designed and 3D printed a mini car connected to a small engine and solar cell. The last day the cars were laid upon the road and we competed for the fastest car and best design award.

In addition to this, we were also attending an intensive Korean language course and were invited to different cultural and leisure activities, such as the Korean Independence Hall, an amusement park and a traditional rice wine (makkoli) brewery.

Concerning the treatment received from the University staff, I can just say that it was excellent. The university always took care of every detail, there were even four Korean students who participated while working as ambassadors: helping us to make the most of our experience and to discover their country and culture.

South Korea is a wonderful country with wonderful people and this has been definitely one of the greatest experiences of my life so far. I encourage everyone to try to take part in the next editions. If that is the case of course feel free to contact me both if you have any question or if you want to share your experience.

24th October 2018


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